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Pietra Ligure

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Ligure Residence Apart Hotel

Ligure Residence in Pietra Ligure, 80 mt from the beaches
Ligure Residence, located in Pietra Ligure, sits only eighty meters from the beach.
Modern one-room apartments are outfitted with both a kitchen and balcony.
Access to swimming pool with sun deck, coffee bar,
and parking stall is included with each apartment rental.
Two lifts. Stays from every day of the week.


Holiday Apartments (C.A.V.) Pietra Ligure

Apartments for your Holiday in Pietra Ligure, only 70 meters from the sea.
This modern and recently renovated (2011) holiday residence complex
is only seventy meters from the beach and adjacent to Ligure Residence.
Weeklong stays from Saturday to Saturday or other pre-arranged agreed upon lengths are available.
Included with each apartment is one numbered parking stall.