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Informative on the privacy (d. lgs 196/03)

According to article 13 of D. Lgs 196/03 we wish to inform it that the holder of the treatment is: From Liguria Residence and In charge of the Treatment is Mr. Dodino David.
We wish moreover to inform it that its personal data to conferred we are object for our part of computer science and/or manual treatments. They will be used for connected implementations of law to civilistiche, fiscal, accounting norms and for the shipment of the catalog, the commercial and advertising offers, the materials advertising and administrative deriving exclusively from the carried out activity and they will not come in some way communicated and disclosed to third party not even in anonymous form.
According to art. the 7 of D. Lgs 196/03 the purchaser has the right to obtain without delay by the holder of the treatment and: the personal confirmation of the existence or less than given, to the update, the rectification that is, when it has interest to you, integration of the data, the cancellation, and to oppose itself to the treatment for reasons legitimizes. The addressee of the informative one lend Its consent of its data in specific relation to how much over.

Cookies Policy

This information on the use of cookies on the website is provided to the user as part of the 8 May 2014 Sponsor's provision entitled "Identification of simplified modalities to provide information and obtain consent for the use of cookies" to ensure the protection of personal data in compliance with Art. 13 of the Privacy Code (Italian D.Lgs. n. 196/2003).


Cookies are small text files generated by the websites you visit, and which preserve your session's data for the purpose of facilitating their subsequent use within the site. These text data allow the website to preserve your information within web pages and to also analyze the way you interact with the website. Cookies are safe - they can only preserve information provided by the browser and relative either to browser access or as part of the requested web page. They cannot be turned into codes and cannot be used to access your computer. If a website encrypts information inside cookies, only the website itself is able to read such information.
There are two main categories:
- technical cookies
- profiling cookies
Technical cookies are generally needed for the correct functioning of the website and to allow navigation within the site; without them you may not be able to correctly visualize pages or use some of the services. For example, a technical cookie is indispensable to keep the user connected during the entirety of the website visit, or to memorize language settings, visualization settings and so on.
Technical cookies can be then divided into:
- surfing cookies guarantee normal navigation and use (allowing, for example, online purchases or user authentication to access reserved areas);
- analytical cookies are similar to technical cookies only when used directly by the site manager to collect information, in aggregated format, on the number of users and on the way they visit the site itself;
- functional cookies have the purpose of improving service and allow the user to navigate the website based upon a series of selected criteria (for example, language preference or products selected for purchase).
Profiling cookies collect user profiles and are used to send online advertising based on user-selected preferences while such user was navigating the site.
Cookies can also be classified as:
- session cookies, which are deleted immediately upon browser closure;
- persistent cookies, which differ from session cookies by being saved by the browser for a set period of time. They are used, for example, to recognize the device connecting to the site, therefore making user authentication easier;
- first-party cookies are cookies generated and managed directly by the website manager of the site the user is surfing;
- third-party cookies are generated and managed by parties other than the website manager of the site the user is surfing.


We make use of technical cookies in order to guarantee the correct functioning of our website. We also use third-party cookies by Google Analytics.
Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google Inc., which sends out cookies to your device. Data collected do not identify the user, but obtain statistical information on site navigation: pages visited, time spent surfing the site, browser used, and geographical data.
Google Analytics was employed by this website to maintain the user's IP address anonymous.
To disable analytical cookies and to disallow Google Analytics from collecting navigational data, please download the following additional browser component:
For additional information:
We use the following third-party technical cookies:
- Google Fonts: Google Fonts is a Google Inc.-managed service used to visualize character styles and allowing our website to integrate such information within our pages.
For additional information:
- Widget Google Maps: Google Maps is a Google Inc.-managed mapping service allowing this website to integrate such contents within our web pages.
- Google Docs Viewer: Google Docs Viewer is a Google Inc.-managed service allowing this website to view online documents and multimedia files without leaving the browser and accessing the local file system.

Cookies management: blocking and deleting

It is possible to visit for information on how to manage /delete cookies based on the type of browser used. Procedures are different for each browser. You must find the instructions under your browser's Help menu. If you use more than one computer, check that each browser is set in a way that suites your needs. Through your browser you can also view cookies found on your computer, delete some or all of them. Each browser requires different procedures to disable cookies; to deny cookies you may use the following instructions:
Microsoft Internet Explorer
Click the 'Tool' icon in the upper right corner and select 'Internet Options'. Select 'Privacy' in the pop-up window. Set your cookie preferences. Otherwise, to set your cookie preferences use the following link:
Google Chrome
Click the 'Tool' icon in the upper right corner and select 'Settings'. Now select 'Show Advanced Options' ("Under the hood'") and change the 'Privacy' settings. Set your cookie preferences.
Otherwise, to set your cookie preferences use the following link:
Mozilla Firefox
From the drop-down menu in the upper left corner select 'Options'. Select 'Privacy' in the pop-up window. Set your cookie preferences. Otherwise, to set your cookie preferences use the following link: and disabling cookies
Apple Safari
From the drop-down set-up menu in the upper right corner select 'Preferences'. Select 'Security’. Set your cookie preferences. Otherwise, to set your cookie preferences use the following link: If you are not using any of the above mentioned browsers, select 'cookies' in the appropriate section of the guide to find out where your cookie folder is located.

Third-party websites

Third-party websites that can be accessed through this site are not covered by the current information guide. Dodino Davide, owner of, declines any responsibility regarding these. Cookie categories used and type of treatment of personal information by these companies are regulated in conformity to the information given by such companies.